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De Wits Installers, established in 1995 specialises in all aspects of Electrical & Mechanical contracting. The company started out with only electrical service and has grown to also now provide Mechanical services like Airconditioning installation, maintenance and service and refrigeration services. Our head office operates from Colesberg, but our Airconditioning Service and Specialist is based in Bloemfontein covering Bloemfontein and areas within a 200km radius. De Wits have been providing its highly valued customers the best possible service and quality solutions for all of their air conditioning, heating, ventilation and humidity requirements.

We understand the difficulty of choosing a reliable and trustworthy company to come into your premises to quote, install and maintain your new intended air conditioning system.

You need friendly and respectable engineers to deal with; a high quality installation carried out with minimum disruption to your business and most importantly at a reasonable price with a workmanship guarantee.

To maintain reliability, all things mechanical need to be serviced. The operation of your air conditioning system is important to us.

De Wits Installers & Air Conditioning service agreement provides:

  1. Quick response time in the event of a system failure
  2. A Qualified and experienced engineer fully equipped with the tools and skills to do the job.
  3. In-house maintenance of air conditioning systems may be difficult to schedule around your working hours. De Wits offers service times convenient to you and your business to minimise disruption to you.
  4. Regular, reliable servicing prolongs the life of your equipment reduces the risk of breakdown and loss of production time.


What sets us aside from the rest is our continuing effort to stick to three basic principles;

  1. To give the most RELIABLE service to our clients.
  2. A HIGH QUALITY installation carried out with minimum disruption
  3. Offering a friendly and complete HASSLE FREE service, from advice through to installation.